Swung Over

The thing I miss the most about high school and college are the dances.  I loved getting dressed up and dancing.  It seems I have now joined the West Coast Swing community where I can have that.  I don’t get to wear super fancy dressed, but I can dress nicer than normal.  But you’ll never guess the best part?

At a Westie Fest, I can dance all night long until the sun rises!  Isn’t that amazing?  I mean, sure… I’ve probably had only about 9 hours of sleep since I woke up Thursday morning, but that’s not really the point.  The point is swing.

I think it might be an addiction.  I’ve had 13 hours of sleep in the last 76 hours… and I’m itching to do it more.  If it wasn’t over, I’d still be there even though I’m exhausted, my body is sore, I have a slight pulled muscle and… well, the term is “swung over.”

The point is, swing dances are way much more fun than high school and college dances… and some of them last 36 hours!


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