850 Words

I earned my high school diploma, secured a B.S., and obtained an M.A., but now, for the capstone project of this measly little Graduate Certificate, my first assignment requires and 850 script in storyboard style…

I’m stuck like a mustard stain on a white shirt.

I’m fairly certain I acquired the ability to write 800 words about one topic with a 900 word term paper assignment in 6th grade.  Since then I have written papers, projects, stories, and presentations longer.

Seeing as I currently have no boss to report to, I’m desperately searching for a new, shinier job, and apparently even my supervisors at my volunteer position are too busy to meet with me…

these 850 words need to appear from me about an undecided topic as a never-ending scarf is effortlessly drawn from a magician’s hat

because, ultimately, I must be able to make something up to last the next 8 weeks of this project.  Since I have no mentor, no boss, no guidance, I must apparently choose some topic I am knowledgeable about, or can find information on independently.

Words.  They’re just words.  How can 850 measly words be so intimidating?


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