Discarded Items

The scent of early morning dew evaporaing off the grass in the sunlight wafted up her nose as she gathered discarded items from the grass.  A cicada hummed abose her as she gatheted beer cans amd water bottles.  Her joints popped and clicked in protest each time she would stand.  Tiny blips of last night appeared as foggy memories as she moved through the yard unsure of the events that created such a mess.  

George had popped the top off a couple beers and set them on the table just before the cabal stormed the door waving a rather small piece of paper.  That waving piece of paper preceeded an assinine argumemt.  Even though the problem was initially asomatous, it grew in a diabolic manner until it had become and absolute rift between family members.   

About thirty feet from an abandoned shoe lay the half dressed body of one of her sister’s cronies.  She kicked the foot still wearing a shoe.  No response.  She kicked harder.  

“What the hell?”  The body promoted itself to a sitting position.  

“Thought you might be dead.  Since you’re not, get off my property,” she ordered with a flick of the wrist.

“You’re so opaque,” the girl said as she stood and brushed her dewy short with her hands.

“It would be better to remain silent than to display your own ignorance by using the wrong words.”

“Did you just call me stupid?” she asked as she staggered toward her cast away shoe. 

“My child, your ignorance is the exact reason you should not be running with my sister.  It is also the reason you are no longer welcome at my home.”  She shoved a discarded coffee cup and a skittles wrapper into the trash bag she had been carrying.

George tripped over a log, “Babe, what are you doing out here so early?”  He stretched and yawned.

She laughed, “Early?  It’s nearly eight a.m.!  Not to mention, a bit of fremdschämen was keeping me from the joy of sleep.”
** written for Wordle #162 plus my own photo hunt I created to occupy myself this morning **


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