Odd Things

So I’m clearly struggling in my relationship right now.  The Claddagh ring he gave me randomly tarnished… Across the heart, A spot on one hand and across the other.  I noticed it today; the day after yesterday’s post.  Is this a sign of some sort?  Or is it just reflecting how my heart is feeling?  And do these sorts of things really happen in the real world?  Clearly they do.  It’s so weird.  A sign… I don’t understand the meaning of.


7 thoughts on “Odd Things

  1. Making relationship decisions is never easy. How will my decision affect my current partner? What will my friends and family think? Can I actually initiate change? How strong am I?
    But overall there is the question what is best for me?
    Signs such as you mention do happen its just being able to see them and act upon them.
    Good luck.

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      1. Enjoying the fact that I have my Grandma. I’m lucky. But I can’t seem to access her wisdom like I once could. Apparently old age changes people and erases memories. She told a story about one of her first dates with my Grandpa. She talks more about him in her older age.

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