Memorial Day

The hardest thing about Memorial Day is remembering alone.  I’ve got my boyfriend and his family – his sisters are good friends of mine.  But they weren’t there when I lost those I lost.  I don’t have anyone to share memories of my freinds with.  It’s just an empty place.  

Does anyone remember my grandfather’s brother?  Other than me, I doubt it.  No wife.  No children.  Died in WWII.   His friends and famil are all dead.  So who will remember?

I’m sure my friend from high school is remembered.  His parents, his sister, and his closest friends remember.  There was a moment I thought he would be my brother-in-law.  But those moments faded into time.

In college I met a soldier.  Maybe it’s inappropriate to remember this because I have a boyfriend I talk about marrying.   But life imprints moments upon our memories.  I will never forget the rooftop kiss in a hot tub in Hawaii under the plumeria tree.  I’m sure hia family, closest friends, and the soldiers he served with remember.  But that memory is my special memory of a soldier who died. 

The guy who sat next to me in ROTC military science classes. His wife remembers.  Unfortunately his 4 children probably don’t.  They were 6 and under when he gave his life for their freedom.  They do know they are growing up without a dad, though.  It’s heartbreaking to think of them.   I remember his sense of humor and his children.

My buddy who passed away 2 years ago at the bottom of a staircase.  No – his body didn’t physically die while in the war.  But he came back so me$ed up from deployment that he never worked again.  He was nwver the same.  After years of suffering, God finally saw it fit to end his Earthly suffering and bring him home to Heaven.  But his boys were also deprived of the father that man once was.   

But I don’t get to share those memories with anyone.  So I write them here.  All these men gave their lives so we could have everything we currently have.  It’s hard to accept.  I’ve seen too much loss, too much pain and suffering as a result of war.  It’s almost impossible to draw the line between numb and overwhelming sadness.


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