I’m being bullied by people at work.  Honestly, I did yell at one of the bulliers on Thursday.  But that was after rudely interrupting my class, walking in front of a presentation a student was doing in front of me and 3 other teachers, and finally invading my personal buble.  I hadn’t talked to her aim e some time in 2016.  I’m not even sure it was this school year.  At any rate, before she hunted me down 3 times in one day to make a spectacle, she emailed a complaint to my boss about me.  So there was a generic email sent that didn’t specifically name what I was guilty of BEFORE I actually did lose my cool and yell.  Nasty manipulator complained for some unknown reason and then spent an entire day goading me until she got what she was looking for.  

I’ve been unauccesafully searching for a new career. Too many of the people I work with are less mature than the teenage students.  Some of them don’t even pretend to do their job.  I’m disappointed in myself because I thought I was better.  I thought I.was ready to go out into the real world and get a big girl job.  But if I can’t handle being antagonized for a day, maybe I’m not ready.  

The worst part is that I typically don’t engage.  I don’t gossip with people.  I listen a lot.  Chalk it up to people venting frustration and move on without repeating it.  This is also a reason some people don’t like me or don’t feel comfortable with me.  They don’t know how to hold other conversations so when I don’t engage, they are put off.  I usually become their target to the next person they gossip to.  But other than the fact that I’m a team player and I support the idea that our team is a democracy, I didn’t do anything to deserve this.  I’m frustrated and can’t sleep. Maybe now that I’ve written something about it I’ll be able to get some rest.


4 thoughts on “Bullies

  1. It’s a sad state of affairs isn’t it when we are prevented from doing our job by petty jealousy. I’m reminded of what an old teacher used to say to us that empty vessels make the most sound.
    I would find it extremely rude of any teacher to interrupt a student presentation, that is just not on even though I have heard of it occurring in the middle of a student’s final drama performance because the person thought his maths class was far more important than the student’s performance.
    I hope you have the matter resolved by the powers that be and that you are able to stay in the job which I assume is one you enjoy. The teaching profession needs people like you but I understand that thought of looking for another career. It’s something that happens the world over, teachers for whatever reason don’t last in a job that is demanding of itself with students, but made doubly hard by the behaviour of colleagues who have nothing better to do than undermining your confidence. Best wishes.


    1. Thank you for your supportive words. There is supposed to be a meeting on Tuesday with administrators to “fix” the problem. I have never seen our leadership put their foot down about anything. I can’t see them being able to assist in fixing this problem. I keep reminding myself my last day is May 25. I just have to survive until then.

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