B: Busy.

Busy enough to put off writing, missing Tuesday’s “B” and Wednesday’s “C.”  Tuesday was  the first Tuesday of the month, making it “Brisket and Boogie” night.  The instructor smokes a bunch of brisket, the rest of use methodically pick something off the shelf at the store – or, in some cases, mix up a tasteful side – and add it to the table next to the brisket. The dancing was good.  Our “boogie” happens to be West Coast Swing.  There are two workshops and a late night dance on Saturday.  I am thinking about competing this summer and I definitely need the workshops if I’m going to do that, but they are expensive.  Saturday is a $55 kind of a night.  It seems my hobbies tend to be expensive.

Of course it’s Lent… which means dinner and service at church on Wednesdays.  Ran to JoAnn Fabric so I could use my 4 50% coupons.  I’m planning a wine and craft night for my friends.  Great way to get people to come over and hang out with me!  I love crafts.

So… Busy.  Between work, lesson plans, dance, church, and craft planning, I’ve been busy.  Seems all that busy cuts into my knack for finding words and describing things.  I’ll get there though.


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