My job is consuming me alive.   Sometimes taking care of other people’s children is overwhelming in the extreme sense.

I have one kid engaged in actions that causes him to have unpredictable outbursts.

Another kid who is being evaluated is emotionally unstable and even though he expresses it more internally and through somaticization, he is still emotionally draining me as I try to gather information.

One ran away.

There’s another I’ve been trying to get consent to evaluate, however that one has now been placed in protective custody with all siblings.

Another experienced the death of her father this week.

One being hunted down by the health department.

One needs glasses but the family can’t afford it.

The rest are just themselves – disorganized, slow to process, inclined to outbursts, in need of help with assignments, skipping classes, or flat out refusing to come to school.

I’m just overwhelmed and crabby this week.  Internalizing.  It’s sometimes hard to see all these things going on with kids I have put so much time and effort into, but I can’t do anything.  I can’t do anything to help.  My ability to control all situations is non-existent.

Bell just rang.  I can go shop so I can feed the team tomorrow.  Then I’m going home to make friends with a bottle of wine.


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