Gray creeped into the sky, popping up between the clouds like a trick of the eye.  It’s a subtle change.  Then, for just a moment of time, an eerie green pushes blue toward the slivered moon resting on the horizon.  The blue creeps up – dark, almost black, at first – behind the folded stacks of clouds, leaving silhouettes like the cardboard cut out scenes of a staged play.  Yellowish-gray bubbles into the clouds, giving them there first shape and form.  As if a switch if flipped, pinks and oranges suddenly appear where the sun will later be, washing out the thing crescent of a moon.  Bright, blinding reds and oranges explode across the horizon.  They dance and play, changing shapes and forms with the clouds.  Intensity begins to fade as they push color out into the world of surrounding trees, cars, houses, etc.  About 30 minutes after the first gray fingers touched the sky, a brilliant, magenta orb peaks over the horizon.  It quickly floats up into the sky, shrinking and fading into a bright yellow on its journey.



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