Letter of Resignation

Dear Boss,

Thank you for the opportunity to work for you.  I have had the opportunity to witness supportive, encouraging leadership.  I have been a part of a community attempting to grow and become enriched by investing in its children.  I have learned a lot about leadership, my career, my community, working with others, and myself.

I am task oriented.  I need things I can complete efficiently.  I am an independent, creative thinker.  I need to be able to accomplish those tasks my way.  I need to feel success.  I am an accomplisher.  I must have tasks I can complete. 

You hired me to be a teacher, but lately the paperwork, documenting, and filing have piled up so far beyond that of assignments, grading, and attendance that I can’t see tomorrow over the mountain.  It is impossible to complete my paper-pusher and secretarial assignments while I am at work during my 8 hour day because those hours are actually meant to be spent with students.  Every day I am tasked with making a choice: do I work with students or do paperwork? I like puzzles and logical thinking exercises but impossibilites and paradoxes are beyond my tolerances.  They build up inside, triggering that odd thing living inside me that goes by the name lupus.

I have also gained a perspective on the value of family.  Every day I return home to an empty house.  I am lonely.  My mom is 600 miles away.  I see her two or three times a year.  She and my Grandma are my only family.  I don’t have anyone else.  Mathematically, since mom raised me and is my only immediate family, she should be weighted higher than other things in life.  Two or three visits per year do not make a balanced equation with the value of time with my mother.

With a heavy, conflicted heart, I am informing you of my intent to resign.  Please accept this letter as notice that I will not be accepting another contract.


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