Word of the Day Prompt

I’ve never written a prompt… and I don’t know if I have enough followers who would use it… BUT I’ve decided some of my best writing seems to be when I use a list of words for a prompt – like a wordle. So I made my own prompt today by doing a Google search for “Word of the Day.” I am using the first 10 sites that brought me to an actual word (some were pages to download apps from).  If you write to it, I’d be interested in reading it… so I’m not sure how pingbacks work, but that would be cool… or just leave me the link in a comment.  I’m gonna work on it, but I have class and dance tonight so I might not really get it finished until tomorrow.

  1. Kibosh (merriam-webster.com: something that serves as a check or stop)
  2. Chimerical (dictioanry.com 1. wildly fanciful; highly unrealistic: a chimerical plan 2. unreal; imaginary; visionary)
  3. Superfluous (wordthink.com: adj. unnecessary, being beyond what is required or sufficient)
  4. Inequity (learning.blogs.nytimes.com: injustice by virtue of not conforming with rules or standards)
  5. Pachyderm (wordsmith.org: 1. someone or something having thick skin for example elephant, hippopotamus, and rhinoceros 2. an insensitive person 3. a person who is not affected by criticism or ridicule)
  6. Orbit (wordcentral.com: 1. to move around an orbit: circle 2. to send up so as to move in an orbit
  7. Appointment (transparent.com: noun spanish equivalent cita)
  8. Stodgy (learnersdictionary.com: disapproving 1a having ver old-fashioned opinions, attitudes, etc. 1b. too plain or dull to be interesting 2. British of food: unpleasantly heavy and causing you to feel very full)
  9. pneumonia (onelook.com – no definition)
  10. bungalow (superkids.com: a small house or summer cottage, usually of one or one and a half stories, sometimes with a verdant)

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