Build a Bridge

The tree branches cling to the light of the day; showing the barely-blue-gray faded backdrop sky.  The last rays of sun straggling behind; left to remind me the quantum weight of my pain was formed from ravels of 7 months drowned in selfishness.  Ironically, I refrained myself from being with you in order to avoid this emotional trauma.  In the most ardent oversight possible, I failed you by never acknowledging your emotions were a transparent model of my own.  I applied my weathered self-confidence to you.  My doubt in love was already tempered by past abuses.   I never believed for a second that I could be part of your path.  I would never be the choice you made.  I left thinking I was preserving my already impaired emotions.  I fell into a hole of darkness.  As I tried to climb out, I clung like the tree branches to anything that appeared lighter than my current state of being.  I became the silhouette of the tree branches in the gloaming of night.  The last 7 months have been a discursive path of suggestions, ideas, and trials of things that created my barely-blue faded backdrop.  Tonight the cricket chorus floods through the open window, carried by the first fall breezes of cool air.  The tremendous rift I created between us is now absolute.  You are listening to songs of the coqui, dancing in on a warm, salted breeze.  The last fingers of light to touch your skin reached through the leaves of palm trees.  I can imagine all those earthly joys seeping into the void I created between us.  Before that void is filled… before the light fades… I have to build a bridge.  I have to tell you I want to find a common ground.  You said you don’t know where you’re going to be in 6 months.  I don’t know where I’m going to be in 9.  Why can’t we reach into the gloaming and build a dream together?  Just build a bridge of what we have until we meet in the middle.


** I really like the concept behind today’s Wordle.   I really wish I was a little less consumed by my emotions because I don’t feel like I am capable of utilizing this idea to it’s full extent.  I can’t find words outside of my current state of being. **


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