Begging the Earth

It felt like a huge gust of wind – and air pressure that shoved against the house for just a second.  But something was still off.  “What was that?  What just happened?” He turned off the bathroom light with the noisy fan.  “What?”  I couldn’t feel it at first, but I could hear it.  There wasn’t a rumble or a growl… No freighttrain anaology.  It was the creak of the house, the crack of the foundation, the rattle of… Things. I was standing at the point.  I felt unstable like I waa standing on a boat or train.  Movement registered.  The earth was moving and the whole house was flexing and bending.  I felt the same pressure repeat itself.  I looked out the window and saw thw bird feeders shaking.  I looked at him.  I longed for the quaking earth to be a sign we should be together.  But after all these years of praying for a sign I could recognize and understand, I’m fairly certain and earthquake on our last day together isn’t a sign.  It just brought out how much I want things to be different.  I want a different outcome so bad that I’m begging the Earth to give me one.


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