Dog Owners are Inconsiderate

Apparently I’m the only one I the planet who can’t sleep when dogs are barking.  I promise you – when I had a dog it was not outside barking for 20 minutes aftee 10 pm… Or in the middle of the night!
Changing the title from “Dogs suck! To Dog Owners are Inconsiderate.”

If it’s dark out, someone in tour neighborhood is trying to sleep.  Eighter make your furry four-legged friend ahut up or bring that obnoxious critter in the house! 

I’m so tired of not being able to sleep because inconsiderate people leave loud-mouthed furry family members outside during sleeping hours! 

America is trying to control every aspect of our lives.  Barking dogs should be confiscated and rehomed once they have tortured neighbors for a minimum of 5 minutes.  Dog owners wishing their pet be returned to them instead of rehomed will be reqired to participate in and successfully complete an 8 hour Common and Neighborly Courtesy class costing $800.  Once a dog is confiscated from you, you will not be allowed to have another until you have completed 600 community service hours in your neighborhood as pennance for disturbing the peace and quiet.


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