V is for VICTORY

I haven’t been writing lately.  I’ve been so unhapy with life that every time I start, I feel my writing is too depressing and nobody would want to read it… Especially me.  Despite my battles, I managed som small, MUCH NEEDED victory wins this weekend:
1) Took my first ever mental health day off work on Friday.  No appointments.  Not sick.  Just a day for me.
2) I weighed in at -4 pounds from where I started two weeks ago.  I’m meeting my weight loss goal of 2 pounds per week.  The might actally be a chance I can wear my favorite dress again some day!
3)  I finally have my foot in the door to the swing dance scene!  I’m learning.  Guys ask me to dance!  I’ve even had a few conversations with total strangers!  Swing dancing is so much fun!  It is something I’ve always wanted to learn… Ever since I first watched that movie, Swing Kids.
4)  I’ve been budgeting as if it’s still winter and my heat is running.  However small… I managed to save a few dollars over the last two months.  When I paid my bills, I was able to transfer money into my savings account.  First time since I pit the down payment on this mistake of a living arrangement.

However small – these things are victories for me.  They couldn’t have come at a more necessary time.  I’m thankful for these small gifts.


5 thoughts on “V is for VICTORY

  1. Every victory you feel and see no matter the size of it is a win win for you and I hope gives you the encouragement to keep doing what you are doing. Its great when you see some progress no matter how small. And swing dancing must be a lot of fun and excellent exercise….best wishes…

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