Battling “Love” Emotions


The clunk of ice against the glass

echoes the hollowness I now feel.

A brief moment

– a breath of time –

indulged fantasies

our love was




It’s now easier to pretend

my emotions no longer exist

than to cope with

– conduct myself –

allowing passion

you won’t nourish.


Sometimes I wish you didn’t know

the feelings I’m battling inside.

I can’t step down

– lose you gracefully –

ignoring my heart,

condemning my pride.


I don’t know how…

– lack ability –

to show my  civility.



**Well… it’s my first attempt at poetry in umm… well… a while.  But I went about reading posts and discovered there’s poetry prompt tied to Wednesday.  Hump Day Poetry to be exact.



5 thoughts on “Battling “Love” Emotions

  1. Wow.. if only I could come back this strong after taking a break from writing poetry! Your words are powerful, painful, and melancholy. Beautifully written! Welcome to Hump Day Poetry! Thank you for participating!

    Liked by 1 person

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