State Wrestling Championship

**These are the thoughts I put on my computer while in the arena on Saturday.  It is kind of unfinished.  But I want to put my words on the event somewhere before I forget about them.**

Light begins to grow in the sky, pushing forth in shades of blue. It begins to bowl out like a dome. A thin line of green creeps out before the yellow. Then it appears. An orange glow appears in the center of the eastern sky. A neon red appears at the center of the rainbow dome. Silhouettes of barns and trees appear: black shapes in the gloaming.

Traveling to a state wrestling tournament with a car full of inner city kids is an amazing experience. There are things I have taken for granted. Knowledge and awareness I feel like I have always had… or I learned a such a young age that I can’t remember learning it. Simple things like grits, biscuts and gravy, waiting while the gas tank fills, tipping the waitress, playing the golf tee game, how the heat works in a car, etc. I always feel specially selected when I’m the one there as teenagers have their first experience with something I have always understood.

One of my favorite sounds is a gym – or in this weekend’s case, an arena – with a bunch of people hollering, “Two!  Two!”  They typically use a deep voice, stand up, throw a hand in the air with two fingers up and yell, “TWO!”  If you aren’t familiar with wrestling, you might walk into a gym and mistakenly think they are yelling, “Boo!”  But that doesn’t happen at this kind of athletic event.  Well, not unless the official allows an illegal hold, then the crowd will holler at the officials. That happened to someone yesterday.


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