SoCS: State Qualifier

It’s your senior year.

You’re down by one.

It’s the final match.

There’s 33.8 seconds left on the clock.

They’re all yelling, “Take the shot!”

You’ve got nothing to lose.  Shuck.  Change levels.  Two legs.  He lands on his back.  Head.  Squeeze.  The ref blows the whistle.  You’ve pinned him.  16 seconds left!  

You’ve just won your first regional medal!  You’re going to state!

50% of my wrestling team has qualified for state.  My principal spent a good part of the day taking a poll regarding where we were all born.  There are 13 of us associated with this team – staff and students (including the two administrators).






Puerto Rico



It’s definitely interesting how we came from all over the world.  We were together for that one moment in time.  But it will soon change.  Next year our senior will be gone.  Graduated.  Serving in the United States military… somewhere else in the world.  Just for the day, we were the team we were.

Today the team has already changed.  We won’t all go to state at the end of the week.  Next year we’ll have new freshman.  The only thing guaranteed is constant transience.  Just for this season – we came together from all over the world in order to qualify 4 guys to compete at a state level competition.

What does it all mean in the grand scheme of things?  Those kids have their whole lives in front of them.  But yesterday they were the center of attention on the mat.  People they didn’t know where yelling and cheering.  There were also people they did know.  Us.  Randomly we came together to support those boys at that moment in time.

I was in the coaches corner yelling and cheering.  I always thought that I’d be watching my own son wrestling on Saturdays by the time I was this age.  But yesterday I sat childless, cheering for someone else’s son… someone who couldn’t be bothered to come.

I’ll never understand how or why we came to be a team at this moment in time.  But I’m grateful for them.  Even though I don’t have the children I always wanted, I have something to be a part of.  Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m missing out on special gifts life only gives to certain people… I realize that certain parents missed out on their gift this weekend, but I didn’t.

SoCS badge 2015Yesterday I spent 14 hours with my wrestlers which made me incapable of participating in Steam of Consciousness Saturday.  So once again, I’ve made up for it a day late.


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