SH #8

The cat left his viewing perch next to the goldfish tank when the red-headed woodpecker landed on the suet feeder.  The orange tabby flicked the tip of his tale and made a chuffing sound as he watched the black and red bird eat.

“Why does your cat make that strange noise?” Lana asked.

“Research says cats try to make a similar sound to their prey in order to attract the animal to them.  It makes it easier to hunt.”  Elanor explained.

“Cats hunt God by making noises?”

“Hunt God?  No, Lana.  What gave you that idea?”

“You said they make that strange noise when the pray.  Then you said it makes it easier to hunt,” six-year-old Lana said matter-of-factly.

Elanor laughed.  “I understand our miscommunication.  The word I used was ‘prey.’  P.  R.  E.  Y.  Prey is a word for animals that are going to be hunted and eaten.”

“So the cat is hunting that wood pecker?”

“In a sense.”

“In that case, I think he’s gonna be hungry.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because there is a window in his way.”

Lana resumed her peel-and-stick painting on the wax paper.  Elanor watched her closely.  This was the time of day Lana was prone to narcolepsy attacks.  “Are you almost finished with your window cling painting?  It’s almost time to take a rest.”

“But Grand-ma!  It’s too early to rest!”

“It’s almost 11.  How about today I move the couch so we can watch the birds with the cat?”

“But that’s so boring!”

“Well, honey.  I’m sorry.  Until we can get your issue under control, boring activities will have to be part of our daily routine.”

**Written for Winter Scavenger Hunt 2016.  It came together so quick and so easy… but then I realize I left out a word.  “Narcolepsy” was super hard to incorporate and was kinda just thrown in there at the end.**



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