97 & 3

**Last week I combined the Wordle and the Scavenger Hunt.  This week, when I read electric shock, I had to do the same… although it wasn’t as imposing as I expected.  I might have to come back and edit at a later date.**

Adelle’s gait was oddly syncopated without trying to keep up with the nurse who had her in tow.  The result was a rather comical display of a child who appeared to be behaving in a difficult manner.  She ambled from one foot to the next, slightly off balance.  When the nurse, who was pulling her by the wrist, became too far ahead, Adelle would bend forward at the waist and continue her odd gait.  After a few steps, she would tire of this position. She would simultaneously twirl her wrist, yanking her arm backward, and plant her feet.  This slightly affected the nurses balance, forcing her to bend slightly at the waste and come to an awkward halt. She instructed Adelle to stand up and would begin walking at a slower pace. Inevitably, Adelle would again fall behind, repeating the ridiculous scenario.

When the finally arrived in the room at the end of the hall, the doctor glared at them from behind an acient timepiece before dropping the contraption into a lab coat pocket. “Nurse Anderson, why are you late?”

“The child, sir,” the nurse looked at the girl, “Adelle functions at her own pace.”

The doctor shook his head, “Nevermind. Just put her in the chair. Make sure those elastic straps are tight enough that her tiny hands and feet don’t slip out.”

The doctor used a tincure of alcohol and iodine to cleanse the girl’s temples before placing suction cups attached to wires.

“Doctor, I still don’t understand why we are doing this,” the nurse hesitated and cleared her throat, “or how it can possibly be ethical.”

“Imagine you lost your guacomole recipe. You use all of your avacados and mix in all the spices you think belong in it. But once you taste it, it’s awful! Your avacados are gone and your guests are about to arrive. If you could use a small electric current to burn up the spices that don’t belong in there, the guacomole would taste perfect. Wouldn’t you do it?”

“Doctor, if you’re comparing a little girl’s brain to guacomole, you need to spend some time in church, praying about whether you’re in the right career, but before you go there, I’m getting this girl out of this chair,” nurse Anderson began unstrapping the child’s feet.

“Now, now. Don’t unstrap her,” the doctor took the straps and began placing them back around Adell’s ankles. “Think of it this way. Adelle is in there somewhere. She’s trapped behind a foggy glass window. Have you seen that smart-glass? Essentially electric is applied to make ions move into an outer pain of glass, making it opaque. Theoretically, low-voltage electric shock therapy will move ions in her brain, allowing her visceral self to overcome the feeble person we have seen.”

“But doctor, what if this is her? What if she isn’t feeble-minded? What if she is incredibly brilliant and she just needs more time to learn how to communicate that?”

“That’s exactly what her parents and I believe. But we feel we can speed up the process and help her escape her foggy prison by applying electric shock. It will be like she is coming out of a deep sleep. Her entire life should be like a vivid dream to her… up until the point this works, that is.”

**Wordle #97

***Scavenger Hunt #3


6 thoughts on “97 & 3

  1. This reminds me of the videos we used to watch in Abnormal Psychology electroshock, glucose injections, sterilization such unbelievable cruelty. I really don’t know how much we’ve evolved in the treatment of the mentally ill and I seriously believe they are still sterilizing individuals with medication


    1. Unfortunately these things still happen, but they are farther between. I think it’s more likely to happen in smaller towns that don’t have a lot of care, work, and activity options for people with disabilities. I’ve had the opportunity to work with adults with disabilities in group homes where none of this was a concern. My clients worked during the day, participated in community sports and theater, went to church (if they wanted), etc. But I know this isn’t always the case

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      1. Unfortunately I think this situation can be compared to war. There is no way to stop it – humans fight things they don’t understand and things they don’t agree with. It’s sad.


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