SoCS Feb6/16: “Finger”

“I know I’m a day late,” Clarrissa began, “but bear with me.  I’ve always paid attention to my body.  There is no reason to believe I am pregnant.”

“You’re never late.  I could set my clock by your body,” Randal confirmed.

“I know that.  But remember the disagreement we had?  I was focused on that.  I wasn’t paying any attention to the birth control thing.  I was a day late on that.”

Randal cleared his throat.  “Exactly.  So if birth control was messed up…”

“It doesn’t work that way.  Not this kind.  It just messes with Aunt Flow’s visit.”

Clarrissa looked down at her fingers.  They were draped across his.  He must have noticed.  Randall adjusted, weaving his fingers into hers.  She admired the view.  It was simple, but she loved the contrast of their skin.  Her pale fingers against the back of his hand.  His dark skin against her hand.  She imagined the perfectly beautiful skin their baby would have –if she stopped taking birth control and became pregnant.

“Don’t worry.  Tomorrow it will be here and this will be just another conversation lost to the past,”  Clarrissa assured.

**  Written for yesterday’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt.  I read the prompt, pictured the hands… and then a wrestling tournament got in the way.  But when I woke up this morning, I needed to write. **


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