The chill in the air reminds me of the last morning I saw you.  Just yesterday the heat clung to my body for just a moment after the door closed and before the cold bit through my jeans.  The contrails reflect the sunrise, lighting up like comet tails dashing across the sky.  The road carries me away from you. Tonight I’ll lay in bed alone. No t-shirt or sweatshirt of yours to wear. I’m lacking a gifted stuffed teddy bear. There isn’t a ring on my finger. Not even your scent on a pillow case. I’ll lie alone listening to the winter storm with only the memory of your warmth radiating into my body. As the wind howls, I’ll miss the rhythm of your breath and the drum of your heart.

This is the realization we must end. It must end because I want more – I NEED what you can’t give me. I must promise myself to leave you. I must find a way to believe that if I could meet you and spend 3 wonderful months falling in love with you, then it must be able to happen with a man who has a heart available for me. I will hope beyond my capabilities for a real love.


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