The 6 Year Old Letter

There are moments you can’t anticipate.  Moments you couldn’t predict.  In that moment, when you were sure your heart couldn’t hurt any more, he manages to tap out a little broken piece that was holding it together.  You are sure thay if someone breathes too hard, the remaining parts will shatter into a billion pieces.  After that moment passes, you are desperately searching for something to hold it together… Some sort of brace. 

It is just shy of six years since I penned those words.  Currently they are under a blanket on my couch.  I’ve never been afraid of words.  Those words may hold the power of a breath just hard enough to shatter what’s left.   Those words may hold the strength of a hurricane capable of destroying all hope.  Those words are being saved for daylight on the off chance they will hold less power in the day like a horror movie.

Ironically they are my words.  Ironically, in that moment, I was speechless.


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