Remember: Memorial Day

There will always be that one December night.  A cool, black night with twinkling stars.  The setting was under a plumeria tree in a hot tub on the rooftop.  The rooftop of some now nameless hotel in Hawaii.  The moment I savor was our first stolen kiss in a hot tub beneath the plumeria with stars as witnesses.  The pictures of us have long since disappeared – eaten by a hard drive that also died before its time.

Do you remember?  Do you remember that cold December night?  This year makes 10 years.  It had been 9 years, 5 months since that magical romantic moment.  I’m still waiting for a similar one to appear.
Memorial Day begins in just over an hour.  I remember.  Do you remember?  I can’t kiss your lips, hold your hand, or even call you on the phone.  But this weekend the tears on my pillow represent the memory of you.  That’s all I can do… Remember you.  A cool, dark night on the rooftop in Hawaii.  A solider who left combat boots hanging on my heart.  I remember you.
R.I.P. Billy


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