Social Nuances

I hate the social nuances we go through each day.

walking in the door

Person A:  “Hi.  How are you?”

Me: “Good.  How are you?”

Person A:  Good.

20 feet down the hall

Person B:  “Hi.  How are you?

Me:  “Good.  How are you?”

Person B:  “Good.”

20 minutes later

Person C:  “Hi.  How are you?

Me:  “Good.  How are you?”

Person B:  “It’s another day in paradise.”

in the main office

Do I need to type it again?  Or are you intelligent enough to notice a pattern?

I’ve come to realize it’s not that I hate people or that I’m antisocial.  I’m oppositional to pointless things.  I truly do not understand the reasoning behind these trivial conversations – especially with people I do not know, people I see once or twice a month, or worse – people I do not like.  What about those days when I’m not “good?”  Those days when I’m suffering from a five-day headache pounding through my skull like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum are days I want to replace “good” with a more realistic term like, “annoyed.”  On the days my insides gurgle like a volcano ready to spew side effects of that stupid pill, I want to use a more creative term like, “indisposed.”  Sometimes exciting things like a girl’s weekend out or a fancy date with the man are pending and the word, “exhilarant” would be much more intriguing.  Then there are “those” days – especially the really cold ones – when my body fights my every move… lifting a foot up onto a step feels like lifting a 75 pound weight with bruised, inflamed muscles… “creaky and rigid” would be a much more entertaining response.

Speaking of cold days – how many desolate, redundant conversations regarding the weather do I have to have in one week?  Duplicated, run-on comments regarding how cold it is and whether it’s going to get colder or warm up are slightly less laborious than the nuance of “Hi.  How are you?”  At least weather conversations vary in tone and sometimes phrasing.

in the end, it doesn’t matter if I’m exhausted, if I got in a car accident on the way to work, my body is resisting the medicine, or if I lost so much hair in the shower that I thought I’d look bald when I looked in the mirror.  There is an expected protocol I don’t understand.  The appropriate answer is, “good;” sometimes meant to be substituted with “fine.”  Since I don’t understand the social aspect of such nuances, I am annoyed with them.

How are you?


2 thoughts on “Social Nuances

  1. I have an obsession with extravagant words but the one I choose is simple. 3 letters. Sad. Unsatisfied with absolutely everything, if you’d like a sentence. Unhappy with noise, unhappy with silence. Unhappy with food, unhappy without. I watch people and the shows they put on everyday and beg the Universe to never pull me back into the bubble of un-selfaware they are stuck in. These freaks are so funny. I suffer from depression. I feel insane when I am by myself, but that doesn’t matter. It’s a piece of me you will never know. Of my many bad habits, puking self hatred out daily is one of them. Also, I am anxious as a mother fucker. Feel my heart beat faster than dumb terms like “thot” and “deez nuts” fill the hallway every passing period. But still, I think I am doing better than all these aliens I pass by. Idiots who accept disrespect as love and make excuses for the way people hurt them. So I’m fine right here in my corner, they can have all their liars and cheats.
    But yeah, anyway, I’m alright, thanks for asking.

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    1. We are all crazy. I think “sane” is a made up word to make humans feel better about themselves. Not to get you down or anything… but I’ve come to believe “high school drama” or “soap opera drama” is the norm. You have to choose friends wisely even in the adult world. Too many people don’t mature too much more than they are in high school.


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