On the Other Side of Crazy

My dear, indolent, Machiavellian,

You swooped in on your broom and stole my best friend, my lover, the little man I was going to raise, and my future.  Your floozy ways have clearly brought you nothing but insecurity.  It took you four years to muster up the courage to send me a Facebook message (which lacked both authority and intimidation).  Either that, or it took four years before your brain decided it wouldn’t kill you to pretend to care about him.

Either way, it isn’t much to me.  But can’t you see that you won?  You successfully set a trap when you told him that seed inside you was his.  You live in an alcohol and drug infested world where someone making minimum wage appears to have a lot of money.  How is sleeping around to provide your kid with a roof and some food working out for you?

I have an expensive piece of paper with the prestigious word, “Masters” printed on it.  In the last year I’ve made four times as much as you have made in the last four years.  I have my own home with water, electricity, cable tv and internet, and gas.  I have two cars and they’re insured and legally registered.  I have a fish.  I have a cat.  I have a horse.  After a day at work, I return home to a quiet place that isn’t full or arguments about money and sex.  There’s even food in my refrigerator.  I’m also planning to travel outside of the country this summer.

Your pompous attitude is almost commendable.  Your ignorance is laughable!  Do you really think a person living my life would be jealous of you?  No person would ever trade down to live a life in your shoes!  But thanks for letting me know your lasso missed his heart.  Even though it wasn’t my original intent, I’d love to take you up on the offer of making all your insecurities turn into realities.


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